Geometry Dash Vs Getting Over It

Geometry Dash Vs Getting Over It

When it comes to Android arcade games, the two most updated and trending options available are Geometry Dash Full Version APK and Getting Over It Free.

Both these games are preferred by most users to kill time more fascinatingly. As both of the games are supported on Android, hence it is tough to select one between the two.

Both games portray a 2D view, thus seeming to be resembling each other. A detailed comparison of both of them is given as follows.

As there is only one best, hence a comparison between the two would make us better conclude the result.


Geometry Dash

best arcade game for android

Geometry Dash is one of the best arcade games on Android. The game has a two-dimensional view from the side edge, which lets us a better view. Moreover, there are the following reasons that make it top of the list.

1- Enchanting Colors

The whole game is overwhelmed with numerous colors, making the user engaged for a longer time. Considering my personal experience, the game got me occupied for an extensive interval.

2- Fascinating Music

In terms of music, the game has no comparison. The whole game includes a special music pack, which sometimes seems even more interesting.

The music of the game enables each level to have different music that encourages us to get higher and higher to unlock higher ranking levels.

3- Introduction to Multiverse

The game takes us away to an entirely different space. This helps us get rid of our everyday life problems and lets us experience an entirely different environment.

In this environment, I, myself, got lost, and after spending more than an hour, I remembered about my pending work. In short, we can say that it is the most addictive and fascinating 2D game.

4- Relationship with Real Life

If we compare this game to reality, we can say how a very small mistake in our life can lead to huge losses and even sometimes, we need to start again. To overcome such losses in our lives, we need perfection, which we can achieve by playing this game.

5- Level Editor

This feature makes this game stand out from the rest of its competitors out there.

GD Level Editor, let us edit the existing game levels and even make our own. Further, users can play fan-created levels.

This means I can share my own created levels with my friends and other players.

Getting Over It

getting over it android arcade game

Getting Over It is also a 2D game, portraying its view from a side. This game includes a man with only upper limbs and lower limbs stuck in a pot, along with a hammer that he uses to take him to his destination.

Overall, the game is one of the toughest games in Android history, which makes it more interesting and thrilling.

One important thing to be discussed here that I was not expecting is that its first level is also pretty much hard for many users, yet the game is in its top ranking.

Some important features are:

1- High-Resolution Graphics

We get high-resolution graphics, by which we can enjoy the game more realistically. For users with low-end specifications phone, there is also low specs graphics pack, for smoother gameplay.


The game promotes consistency. Those who quit early in anything can play this game to hearten themselves up. A strong heart can lead to more success in our everyday life.

3- Motivation

Getting over it is considered the world’s hardest game. A tough game motivates us for more engaged behaviour in our everyday tasks. In this way, we get motivated.

4- Friendly AI

During the gameplay, the player responds to certain actions in such a way that it seems to have a friend in front of him, who is talking to him and looking at their actions.

For example, when you fall behind and have to start again, the AI responds as: “There’s no feeling more intense than starting over.”

Geometry Dash Vs. Getting Over It

Geometry Dash Vs Getting Over It

Both games stand at the top ranking and are better than each other in one way or the other. That’s why it’s tough to select one is best.

Geometry Dash stays first on the list due to its enchanting colors and fascinating music. On the other hand, comes with the same side-edged 2D view as that of Geometry Dash.

Along with the viewpoint, both the games, if failed at a level, need to start from the beginning. The only difference is the presence of both games.

Geometry Dash is enriched with colors and offers a level editor, whereas Getting Over it portrays a depressed and low-spirited audio-visual presentation. Consequently, Geometry Dash stays up.