How to Get Glow in Geometry Dash?

How to Get Glow in Geometry Dash?

Glow is the luminescent effect that makes icons, air decorations, and other objects look prominent and much more pleasing to the eyes.

The only method to have glow is by completing 10 map packs. Once you do it, you will find the glow option in the colors menu.

Just tick the box to activate this feature and make everything seem incredibly cool, bright, and fascinating.

How to Get Glow in Geometry Dash?


What exactly are map packs?

Map packs are a collection of user-created levels in Geometry Dash Full Version APK. Each pack consists of 3 or more levels having similar styles or themes. 

There are over 20 map packs of varying difficulty. Pick those that are easier to beat to activate the glow feature without putting in extra effort.

The following packs are much easier compared to others. 

Try them to make your game features look neon-lit and enchanting.  

  • Alpha pack (difficulty level = easy, 2 star)
  • Beginner pack (difficulty level = easy, 3 star)
  • Sapphire pack (difficulty level = normal, 3 star)
  • Force pack (difficulty level = normal, 3 star)
  • Cookie pack (difficulty level = normal, 3 star)
  • Normal pack (difficulty level = normal, 4 star)
  • Remix pack 1 (difficulty level = normal, 4 star)
  • Stereo pack (difficulty level = normal, 4 star)
  • UFO pack (difficulty level = hard, 4 star)
  • Amethyst pack (difficulty level = hard, 4 star)

Tips to improve glow usage

Many new glow users do not know which parts to enhance and which parts to leave as it is. So, they end up brightening everything, making the overall design look overly dazzling and flashy.

To avoid this issue, ensure you use this feature wisely. Activate the ‘Blending’ option from the colors menu to make glow appear smoother rather than blinding.

You should also choose focus points wisely. The key is to use glow purposefully, bringing out spikes, safe zones, and challenging sequences. This deliberate approach adds a strategic layer to your gameplay, taking excitement to the next level.

Some users brighten up unnecessary areas, making some critical points like obstacles look dim. Ensure you do not make this mistake. Use glow in such a way that enhances the gameplay without overwhelming the visual experience.

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Create stunning visual effects and designs with a radiant glow. However, you need to put in great effort to achieve this goal. Complete any 10 map packs and watch the glow feature come to life before your eyes!