best arcade games for android

06 Best Arcade Games For Android [year]

The selection of games had always been a tough nut to crack for everyone. Whether you are a teenager, a kid, or even an adult, you need something to kill time and refresh your mind.

For this reason, arcade games are the first things that come into our minds.

Arcade games include fast-paced video games, which include coins and sometimes gems to be collected by the player, thus buying newer upgrades to level up your game.

Below is a list of popular, top and best arcade games for Android in [year].


best arcade games for android

1. Geometry Dash Full Version

best arcade game for android

Tired of your everyday activities and want to do something totally different from your life? Geometry Dash Full Version is a two-dimensional game, very simple on one side, but has lots of twirls and twists in it.

As the name suggests, the game includes many geometric figures in it. The game includes a series of 5 video games developed and published by RobTop, Sweden-based Developer Robert Topala.

Overall, the game starts with a side view. The game starts with a square smiley face; that’s the player’s character. All you have to do is to take that square smiley face to the end of the level by following the background beat, as GD is a rhythm-based platformer game.

The game becomes more thrilling and exciting with the addition of barriers such as thorns, etc. (Thorns are represented by triangles). Some circles are also there, work like a black hole and teleport you to another part of the level.

Geometry Dash is considered one of the top-list 2D arcade games. The game gets even more thrilling with the addition of a flying copter.

If you’re thinking about playing an arcade game, Geometry Dash is always top of the list.


wormszone android arcade game

Next on the list of Android Arcade games is

All of you must have been familiar with snakes and worms. Sometimes, we have people playing the role of snakes in our lives. Wanna see them for real? Just enter the game, and boom. 

You’d find snakes and worms all around, trying to kill you. But the only one who gets safe till the end wins. You are the one-man army, and everyone around you is your enemy. 

The worm gets fat, long, and powerful as he eats more and more fruits and vegetables. All you have to do is to move your worm through the battleground and kill as many worms as you can. The more you kill, the more food you’ll get, and thus, you’d level up further. 

There’s also an endless mode, which allows you to play the game endlessly. 

The player can customize their character thoroughly. For example, you can change eyes style, mouth type, worm color, worm type, worm design, and even game background. The players can also change the food being given to the worm. 

This game is the most upgraded version of “Snake Xensia,” which used to be in old Nokia phones. Play WormsZone online free or:

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3. Getting Over It 

getting over it android arcade game

While discussing Android mobile arcade games, we cannot miss “Getting Over It.” It has become one of the most-played games in 2023. 

As the name suggests, we need to get over different areas and reach the end to complete the level. The game includes numerous areas like deserts, Rocky Mountains, heightened areas, and even the sea. 

The player is a man whose arms and upper body are free to move, but his lower body, such as his legs, is stuck in a huge pot. He uses a hammer to move himself from one place to the other and also to jump over things. 

The game becomes more exciting with the addition of obstacles and gaps on the way to the player’s destination. The farther you would go, the tougher it becomes. 

The only thing you need to take care of is to keep yourself from falling, or you will die, resulting in “Game Over,” and you would have to start again. 

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4. Temple Run 2

TempleRun2 mobile arcade game

Temple Run 2 has a mark on the list of arcade games. The story is of an archeologist, who is trying to search for an idol and finds it as well, but is stuck in twirls of the game. 

It is the second sequel to Temple Run, which also had great popularity. Due to this reason, Temple Run 2 Offline was created with better graphics, and the game was made even more adventurous. 

The game starts when an archaeologist is running out of a cave with an idol in his hand, and a giant monster is running behind him. The only thing archeologist wants to do is to get rid of the monster who is running behind him to kill him and take the idol back. 

The whole game takes place on a flying monument with tracks connected to it. All we have to do is to move the player left and right, jump over obstacles and slide under some of them. When there comes a water track, we have to float over the water. 

The game is made more adventurous by the addition of different obstacles and traps, including rope, waterfalls, fire-emitting statues, canals, and even train tracks. 

Overall, the game is endless, which keeps the user engaged for a long time and thus is a very good option for killing time. 

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5. Subway Surfers

subway surfers arcade game

Subway Surfers also resemble Temple Run 2 in some aspects, yet it has its own popularity and importance. Besides turning sideways (like in Temple Run 2) the player has to change lanes. It has also been in the top 10 list of arcade games for the past few years. 

The whole game takes place on a subway, where some trains are waiting for their turn to move. At that very instant, there is a guy named Jack, painting on some of the trains using spray cans, which is illegal. Doing such illegal acts, a police officer has caught him with a dog, and here is the situation where the game starts. 

The player has to run on the railway track and change lanes if there are any incoming trains or barriers. Moreover, the player can also dodge the barriers by jumping over or sliding under them. 

The game is made colorful by the addition of rainbow colors in the power-up boosters. Being an endless game, the player has to get caught up at the end. 

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6. Fun Race 3D

Fun Race 3D mobile arcade game

Last but not least, we have Fun Race 3D, one of the most colorful and basic games if you are concerned about arcade games.

There are 3 to four players, along with the main character, and they all have a race. The player just has to click and hold to make its character run and leave to stop running. The characters are colored in different colors, and due to this, the game seems to be more interesting. 

The game becomes riskier with the addition of barriers and machines that are put in the way to make the players fall if they play a little bit carelessly. The first one to get to the finish line wins the race. 

We have a large number of levels to play the game. We can also upgrade our character or change to whichever color we want. Moreover, we can also decorate our player using several items from the store. The game includes 3D graphics and is good for players of all ages. 

Having vivid colors makes the game more enchanting and brings peace to the eyes. 

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Surely, many arcade games are available for Android mobile phones, but Geometry Dash is the best arcade game for Androids in [year].

It is because of its unique gameplay and level editor feature. Players can create their own levels and share them with others.

So, which Android arcade game are you trying next?

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