Geometry Dash Vs Subway Surfers

Geometry Dash Vs Subway Surfers

While concerned with Geometry Dash Full Version APK and Subway Surfers, both the games portray outstanding graphics and, thus, are considered among the 7 top Android arcade games. 

They resemble in some cases, but there’s a vast difference between them. A brief explanation is given as follows. 


Geometry Dash

best arcade game for android

Geometry Dash is one of the best arcade games on Android. The game has a two-dimensional view from the side edge, which lets us a better view. 

Moreover, there are the following reasons that make it top of the list.

1- Enchanting Colors

The whole game is overwhelmed with numerous colors, making the user engaged for a longer time. Considering my personal experience, the game got me occupied for an extensive interval.

2- Fascinating Music

In terms of music, the game has no comparison. The whole game includes a special music pack, which sometimes seems even more interesting.

The music of the game enables each level to have different music that encourages us to get higher and higher to unlock higher ranking levels.

3- Introduction to Multiverse

The game takes us away to an entirely different space. This helps us get rid of our everyday life problems and lets us experience an entirely different environment.

In this environment, I, myself, got lost, and after spending more than an hour, I remembered about my pending work. In short, we can say that it is the most addictive and fascinating 2D game.

4- Relationship with Real Life

If we compare this game to reality, we can say how a very small mistake in our life can lead to huge losses and even sometimes, we need to start again. To overcome such losses in our lives, we need perfection, which we can achieve by playing this game.

5- Level Editor

This feature makes this game stand out from the rest of its competitors out there.

GD Level Editor, let us edit the existing game levels and even make our own. Further, users can play fan-created levels.

This means I can share my own created levels with my friends and other players.

Subway Surfers

subway surfers arcade game

Subway Surfers is considered one of the initiators of the Arcade Genre. 

Besides being so old, subway surfers still Cops up with other top-ranking games due to its wide updates and seasons, which make the game more interesting. Besides this, Subway Surfers, unlike Geometry Dash, is a 3D game. 

Moreover, the following are the highlighted qualities of the game. 

1- Character Changeability

Players can change the character whenever they want. Moreover, they can change the clothing of the characters they choose. Besides this, female players can use female characters, which makes the game more user compatible. 

2- Upgrades 

We can upgrade the power-ups that we find on the way. Moreover, we can add extra elements to certain power-ups, which makes the game even easier and according to our taste. 

3- 3D view

The game includes a 3D environment that makes it more realistic and user-friendly. The adventure of running from a cop and the fear of getting caught, all in a 3D view, makes it even more thrilling and fun. On the other hand, Geometry Dash has a 2D view. 

4- Power-ups

The game involves power-ups. These power-ups let the user play game more efficiently and let the user play harder levels easily. They can be found on the way. These power-ups keep us engaged for a comparatively longer time, without getting bored or dis-heart from the game, just like Geometry Dash. 

Geometry Dash Vs. Subway Surfers

Geometry Dash Vs Subway Surfers

While doing a side-by-side analysis of the game, we find that both two of the games are top-listed arcade games.

Although we find many upgrades and better views in Subway Surfers, and level editor is best in Geometry Dash. It is said:

“Nothing is permanent, even the change.”

That’s why we would prefer Geometry Dash in this regard.