Collecting Diamonds in Geometry Dash: 6 Proven Methods

how to get diamonds in geometry dash

Diamonds make a valuable Geometry Dash resource, as they can unlock many exciting secrets in the game. However, many players struggle to collect them.

There are multiple ways to accumulate diamonds, ranging from effortless methods like opening daily chests to tougher ones like beating weekly demon levels.

Let’s explore all these methods so you can collect the maximum number of diamonds and make the most of them!

how to get diamonds in geometry dash


Methods to Get Diamonds in Geometry Dash

Here are the six ways to earn diamonds in Geometry Dash Full Version APK [year].

1. Daily chests

Daily chests offer different rewards, including diamonds. There are two kinds of chests. The smaller ones are available every 4 hours and normally offer 1 to 4 diamonds. If you time it right, you can open up to 6 small chests each day.

On the other hand, a large chest is available every 24 hours, meaning you can open it only once a day. It offers anywhere from 1 to 10 diamonds.

If you are looking for the easiest method, this is what you need. 

But the downside is it can be time-consuming to collect diamonds through it as you get only a few in every attempt and have to wait for hours for chests to become available again.

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2. Daily Levels

These are custom levels designed by players. Geometry Dash introduces a new daily level each day to give players an exciting opportunity to try game designs they have never tried before.

You can get a certain number of diamonds by playing these levels. The number of diamonds you acquire depends on how difficult the level is. You will also obtain some bonus diamonds once you beat a level.

3. Weekly demon levels

Like daily levels, weekly demon levels also provide diamonds. You can collect some while playing the levels and the others after completing them. A weekly demon chest containing diamonds is awarded exclusively to players who complete this level. 

Compared to daily levels, these are pretty hard and require advanced skills.

4. Treasure room chests

Another source of diamonds is treasure room chests. There are hundreds of chests in this room containing orbs, icons, shards of power, diamonds, and more. Chests costing fewer keys typically provide fewer diamonds, while chests costing a higher number of keys give more diamonds.

For instance:

  • Chests that need 1 key usually offer 10 diamonds.
  • Chests that require 100 keys offer up to 500 diamonds.

5. Daily quests

Daily quests are usually simple tasks like collecting a certain number of orbs that you must complete to get a predefined number of diamonds. The number of diamonds you obtain depends on how challenging a quest is.

They generally refresh every 6 hours, allowing you to try new challenges regularly and earn more diamonds.

6. Gauntlet levels

There are around 20 Gauntlets in the latest Geometry Dash 2.2 update, each consisting of 5 levels. It means there are a total of 100 Gauntlet levels. 

You get a certain number of predetermined diamonds by playing these levels. Check the diamond number written under the difficulty level.

Earn additional diamonds by completing a Gauntlet as it rewards a big chest full of surprises.

What do diamonds even do?

Diamonds are beneficial in many ways, such as:

  • They can unlock the Vault of Secrets, which provides many icons, colors, and secrets that can boost your Geometry Dash gaming experience.
  • You can use them as currency in the Community Shop/the Diamond Shop to purchase various items.
  • They can help you unlock certain secret levels like ‘The Challenge.’

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Collecting diamonds in Geometry Dash requires skills, strategy, and determination.

Play this game regularly to earn daily rewards that may expire if not claimed within a specific time frame. Additionally, watch YouTube tutorials for insider tips from seasoned players.