Geometry Dash Vs Temple Run 2

Geometry Dash Vs Temple Run 2

When it comes to arcade games, the two top-of-the-list games available are Geometry Dash and Temple Run 2.

Both these games are preferred by most users to kill time more fascinatingly. As both of the games are supported on Android, hence it is tough to select one between the two.

Geometry Dash Full Version presents a 2D view, while Temple Run 2 has a 3D revolving camera. A detailed comparison of both of them is given as follows. As there is only one best, hence a comparison between the two would make us better conclude the result.


Geometry Dash

best arcade game for android

Geometry Dash is one of the best arcade games on Android. The game has a two-dimensional view from the side edge, which lets us a better view. Moreover, the following reasons make it top of the list.

1- Enchanting Colors

The entire game is overwhelmed with numerous colors, making the user engaged for a longer time. Considering my personal experience, the game got me occupied for an extensive interval.

Considering my viewpoint, this game enhanced my vision in differentiating colors and calmed my mind, filling more colors in our life.

2- Fascinating Music

In terms of music, the game has no comparison. The entire game includes a special music pack, which sometimes seems even more interesting. The music of the game enables each level to have different music that encourages players to get higher and higher to unlock higher ranking levels.

3- Introduction to Multiverse

The game takes us away to an entirely different space. It helps the player get rid of everyday life problems and lets us experience an entirely different environment.

In short, we can say that it is the most addictive and fascinating 2D game.

4- Relationship with Real Life

If we compare this game to reality, we can say how a very small mistake in our life can lead to huge losses and even sometimes, we need to start again.

To overcome such losses in our lives, we need perfection, which we can achieve by playing this game.

5- Level Editor

This feature makes this game stand out from the rest of its competitors out there.

GD Level Editor, let us edit the existing game levels and even make our own. Further, users can play fan-created levels.

This means I can share my own created levels with my friends and other players.

Temple Run 2

TempleRun2 mobile arcade game

Temple Run 2 is the next and updated version of the game Temple Run, by Imangi Studios. This game was launched more than 10 years ago. Still, it has the same demand as it had before.

The game is a pack consisting of adventure, thrill, archaeology, supernatural elements, history, architecture and much more in a single place.

1- Endless Game

It is an endless game, keeping you playing it as long as you want. Moreover, with the speed wall of the game, you can compare your scores and distance that you have run with other players.

That’s why I found the game more interesting and never tired of playing it. In the case of Geometry Dash, the game is divided into different levels.

2- Character Variation

The game allows us to change characters. We can select a character of our own choice. This list includes some famous characters of the world. My favorite one was Zack Wonder, a football player.

Similarly, Geometry Dash also provides tons of customization options.

3- Power-ups

We can upgrade our players using certain gems and coins. It shows us how we can make our lives better by improving one thing or the other.

In this way, we get motivated for our everyday tough life and make daily enhancements. On the other hand, Geometry Dash involves no power-ups at all.

4- Multiple Controller Options

Temple Run 2 involves several controlling buttons and gestures that make the player totally in our control. We can control the player by sliding up, down, sideways and even tilting the device left or right, which makes every possible action in our hand.

In the case of Geometry Dash, there is only one controller button to jump. This single-button controller is both a boon and a bane for the game.

Geometry Dash Vs. Temple Run 2

Geometry Dash Vs Temple Run 2

While concluding, we can say that both Geometry Dash and Temple Run 2 are better than each other in one manner or the other.

Both games need to start from the beginning once the game is over. Geometry Dash gets its plus points in terms of the division of levels and level editor feature, as there are no levels divisions in Temple Run 2 and of music, having way better music in each level.

That’s why Geometry Dash stands first in the line, and then Temple Run 2.